At-Home Mobility Routine

COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions have disrupted our lives. You may be largely confined to your house, working from home, and possibly supervising kids. Races are canceled, group runs are on hold, gyms are mostly closed, and here in Colorado, we’re not supposed to drive to trails so that means no trail runs for many of us. All that time at home means a lot of sitting. It’s easy to become transfixed by work, social media, and streaming services. You look up and it’s been several hours of sitting, staring at a screen. Sitting still too long robs your hips, spine, and shoulders of mobility thus making you a less effective athlete. But you can stay mobile even if you’re confined at home. You have multiple opportunities to maintain or increase your movement skills with minimal time, space, and no special equipment. Read the rest of this, my latest article, at Podium Runner.

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