My name is Kyle Norman and I devote my life to health and fitness. I live a healthy lifestyle which I sum up this way: “Eat right as often as possible. Get plenty of sleep. Exercise daily.” Exercise has always been a priority. I believe engaging in a vigorous, active life is the right thing to do.

I developed my love of strength training while playing football in high school and college. From there I’ve become involved in distance and trail running, road and mountain biking, and skiing. Working with dedicated athletes is wonderful but I truly love to work with those who are new to exercise.

Chronic pain has been a significant influence on who I am as a fitness professional. I spent years with various aches and pains (particularly low-back pain) and it was awful! The upside is that I was pushed to learn about pain science and corrective exercise. I’ve overcome these roadblocks and I recognize every day how fortunate I am.

Benjamin Franklin discussed the idea of “doing well by doing good.” That’s exactly what being an exercise professional is about. Helping others find health and fulfillment offers rewards far beyond money.

We were born to be fit and able. Leading a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. I believe exercise is important work that deserves focused attention. The work done in the gym should benefit the life you live outside the gym whether it’s sports performance or simply accomplishing the tasks of the day.