3/11/14 Workout


For no particular reason, I thought I’d post my workout for the day.  Going to try and post this every day.

  • 6 am barbell/kettlebell class:
    • Squats: up to 235 x 3.
      • I’m still looking for a 1RM with my new deep squat technique.
      • I LOVE deep squats.
      • Is that an odd thing to say?
    • Push press behind the neck: 105 x 3 sets x 5 reps.
      • Haven’t done this before.
      • Probably could’ve gone heavier but this was good.
    • kettlebell half-snatch: 40 kg x 20 rep sets for 100 reps each arm.
      • HELLO BLISTERS!  Gotta do some more snatching throughout the week to build up some callouses on the palms.
  • 9 am track workout: 6 x 800m @ 3:50.
    • Cold weather blew in early and it got frosty and very windy out there but I got ‘er done.
  • Tomorrow: Rest day

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