3/14/14 Workout


Today’s run plan has a 5 mi. recovery run.  I split it into two runs as I ran up to work which is about 2.5 mi.  I did the following workout, worked, then ran home.  Today is an off day from lifting but that rarely means I’m not doing some collection of mobility work, single leg work, stability work–something in other words. Here’s how it went:

  •  2.5 mi. easy/slow run: I’m tired from yesterday which is no surprise.
  • Super set
    • 3D ankle mobility x 20 reps in a super set with
    • 3D lunge x 7 reps of three different lunges
  • Lateral bands walks
  • Lateral low duck walk (Read the name. Try to recreate it on your own. Let me know what you come up with.)
  • Super set
    • TRX ankle drive 3 x 10 reps
    • TRX low push-up x 7 reps
This was a moderate day of work. I’m skiing tomorrow and Sunday.

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