Attn Runners: Check Out This Site (


Hey, if you’re into reading, Power Running looks to be a very in-depth site with lots of thoroughly thought out information on the physiology of running and how to train according to your abilities.  The writer has really done his homework and he’s got some interesting theories that sort of go against some of the conventional wisdom.

For instance, he asks the question of whether or not more and more mileage is good for everyone.  He notes that the elite runners improve as their mileage improves but he theorizes that the elite runners have the genetics to run more and more and to benefit from that large workload.  Many of the rest of us though may well benefit from much lower mileages.  He talks about the FIRST running program which is a three-day-a-week program and why it may be the best program for the most people.  Check out the site to learn more.  I’m finding it to be a very informative and interesting read.

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