Excellent Deadlift Instruction From EliteFTS


In previous posts (which I can’t link to as my site was hacked and those posts are un-retrievable at the moment; I hope to have them available soon.) I put up some videos courtesy of Dave Tate’s EliteFTS.net  The So You Think You Can Bench Part I and Part II and Part III; and So You Think You Can Squat Parts I-V (It takes too long to copy and paste those links.  If you’re interested, go to Youtube and look them up.) series are fantastic dissections of those two lifts.

Now we’ve got So You Think You Can Deadlift Parts I-V.  This series is presented by big-time powerlifting champ Matt Wenning.  He’s a lot stronger than you, I, or anyone that we know.  He’s also maintained his health and avoided injury while competing at a high level.  This series speaks directly to using exercise to expose our weak links so we can make them stronger.  If you love to lift and you love the precise breakdown of lifting then you’ll love this series.  Here are the vids:

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