Charity Fundraising Via the Colfax Marathon 10-Miler


I am very fortunate to be able to live a safe, secure, healthy life with supportive people around me. I want for very little and I have a lot for which to be grateful. Many others in this country live in far less desirable conditions than I. In May, I’ll get do something that I enjoy (running) and help people who are in need.

The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place is Denver’s only daytime drop-in shelter for women, children and the transgender community who are poor or homeless. TGP also offers a wide variety of services to this vulnerable population. I was contacted recently by TGP employee Juliette Lee to see if I’d be willing to run the Colfax Marathon on their behalf as well as do some fundraising for them. I said, “yes.”

I think I’m like a lot of people in that I know I should and I could do some charity work. For all sorts of lazy reasons it seems that at the end of the week/month/year I haven’t done much. Thus I’m very pleased that the process has been made easy for me.

I will be running the 10-mile race on Sunday, May 15. I hope to raise a minimum of $1000 in donations. Contributions will help support the following services:

  • Betsy’s Cupboard: Members may receive 25 lbs of food per month as well as toiletry and hygiene items.
  • Bridget’s Boutique: TGP’s clothing bank features items for members donated by the community.
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Phone access
  • Mail access
  • Physical & mental health services
  • Family program: Our Family Program provides a safe and fun space for children under 18 to be while at The Gathering Place. Staff also provides resources and referrals specifically targeted to families.
  • Housing stabilization: TGP’s only case-managed program, our Housing Stabilization Advocate works with members seeking long-term, sustainable housing options.
  • Nap room: 6 beds are available for napping on a first come, first served basis. Clean linens provided.
  • Community resources: The 1st Floor Resource Desk is a great place to learn about wider Denver Metro area resources. If what you are seeking is not at TGP, our Resource Advocates will do their best to connect you with where you need to go.
  • GED classes: The Education Classroom hosts GED Class twice a week and holds on-site testing periodically.
  • Job readiness: TGP’s Job Readiness program offers support with résumé assistance, interview prep, and job seeking.
  • Computer lab
  • The Card Project: Members create original artwork to be sold as greeting cards at TGP and by local businesses. Seventy-five percent of each card sale goes back to the artist.
  • The Writer’s Group: The Gathering Place has two writer’s groups that meet weekly on the 3rd Floor – one for technical writing and one for creative writing.
  • Knitting & crochet
  • Open art: Open Art time gives members freedom to explore creative self-expression and experiment in a variety of mediums.

Please help

I’m asking for your help. If you want to donate then a suggested minimum amount is a $20 pledge ($2 per mile.) You can follow this link to my donation page. Any donation you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Potomac 7.5 Mile Swim for the Environment & Team RWB


The Big Swim

Mike Piet of Arlington, VA is a former client and good friend of mine.  He is a superb triathlete.  He’s competed in several Ironman Triathlons (including the Cozumel Ironman) and countless other triathlons and endurance events.   Most recently he competed in the Potomac 7.5 Mile Swim for the Environment, and he did quite well.  He finished 3rd overall and he was the first non-wetsuited competitor to cross the finish line with a time of 3 hrs 52 min.  Further, he raised $500 as part of the effort to clean up the Potomac River. This is a tremendous achievement and I applaud his efforts.  Here’s a link to his Race Report.

Team Red, White & Blue

Further, Mike will also be racing as a part of Team RWB (Red, White & Blue). Team RWB  is a non-profit organization that brings athletes together in support of wounded war veterans. Their mission is to enrich the lives of wounded veterans and their families. They work to re-introduce wounded vets back into society. RWB members raise funds and awareness through participating in a wide range of athletic events. To learn more about Team RWB including volunteer and donating opportunities, go to the Team RWB site.

If you know a vet then you may know that returning from combat and taking up a “normal” life can be excruciatingly difficult. Combat vets have gone through things that most of us can’t imagine. Upon returning stateside they’re often patted on the back and expected to take up life where they left off, but there is a lot of hard work involved in readjusting to civilian life.  This is the perhaps the hardest part of war. So if you have funds or the time, please find a way to donate to Team RWB.