Hip Mobility Sequence


I’ve been using the following drills with a lot of my clients as well as with myself. Is this the be-all-end-all collection of hip mobility exercises? Probably not, but I think it hits several nails on the head in terms of movement that’s available to the hips. I think these drills may be especially useful for cyclists and those who are desk-bound. (I’ll be very honest and tell you that I’ve stolen these moves from both Gary Gray and Andreo Spina.) I do them in the order presented but for no other reason than that’s how I do it. You could do any of these in any order.

I use these with most of my clients a lot of the time. I personally use them after a bike ride or long trips in the car or on a plane.



A Final Bit on Stretching: Dynamic Flexibility Demo


Here are three key dynamic stretch processes that you can (and I think you should) incorporate into your exercise regimen.  I suggest you use these movements at the start of your workout, be it a gym workout or a ride, run, swim–whatever.  It may be a good idea to do these movements at the end of the workout too.  I’ll post more dynamic stretches later.