All About Feet


Anyone who’s read this blog much at all knows I’m way into feet–or I should say I’m way into foot function.  Lately I’ve been investigating the diabolical effects of Morton’s Toe.  I seem to have a touch of this dysfunction and I think it brought on the major foot pain I had during the trail race I did recently. (And to expand on the issue of injuries, I seem to have had every single running injury known to man. There is an upside. I’ve learned how to defeat these various strange villains of movement.)

Because the feet are so intricate and so extremely important to every single thing we do all the time, I want to present some relevant information on how to fix some potential problems many people may have. So here are some videos from some experts in the field of movement impairment and movement improvement: Dr. Kelly Starrett at and Drs. Shawn Allen and Ivo Waerlop aka the Gait Guys.  I’ve found these instructionals to be extremely valuable.  If you’re having Achilles issues, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, hip pain–who-knows-what-kind of pain then this information may be very helpful.