Check out Kinetic Revolution


If you’re a runner, or triathlete or if you’re a therapist or trainer who works with runners and or triathletes, then you should have a look at Kinetic Revolution. It’s an English site run Neil Scholes and James Dunne. Between them they have fairly impressive credentials as both athletes, coaches and rehab specialists.

For a fee, Kinetic Revolution offers coaching on running technique, flexibility, strength and other topics. Online courses on running technique and strength are also available.

I’ve been digging through the blog recently and I’ve found a lot of thoughtful, informative stuff.  Most recently I read through ITB or Not ITB… That is the Question.  As you might guess it’s about IT band syndrome. I like the discussion on why the foam roller probably won’t help you get over IT band troubles.  To that point the article discusses that in fact your IT band pain probably isn’t an IT band problem, but rather is a problem with some of the muscles that attach to or near the IT band.  For more good information, check out the lively comments following the article.

The big picture here is that if you’re a runner/triathlete and/or you’re geekily into reading about this stuff like me, you’ll find a lot of great information at Kinetic Revolution.