Back from DC, Rested & Ready


I had a great time in the DC/NoVA area this past week.  (Though the traffic there was bad enough to cause a desperate sort of insanity that simply doesn’t exist here–unless you’re caught up coming back from the slopes I suppose.)  I laid off the weights but got in a couple of runs including an excellent track workout with a former client.  We went 2×800, 3×200, and 2×100.  Running at sea level was nice and wearing the Vibrams on a track was incredible.  Can’t wait for further track workouts in those things.

New Eating Pattern

I also finished Marty Gallagher’s Purposeful Primitive and it’s given me some good ideas to play with.  I’m going to take some ideas from the Warrior Diet and change up my eating just a bit.  I’ll focus my eating on one large main meal in the evening, instead of consuming several small equal-sized meals throughout the day.  I may have some fruit in the morning, a salad with protein for lunch, then post-workout I’ll consume a protein/carb drink, and for dinner, it’ll be a massive bunch of clean food: raw vegetables, more fruit, protein and plenty of healthy fats.  I want to get stronger and get lean, so I don’t plan on cutting calories, but I’ll consume them in a different pattern.  This is similar to changing up a workout.  This method of eating is actually ideally suited to holiday feasting.   I won’t go into all the hows and whys of the Warrior Diet but I’ll just say it’s an interesting concept and I’m curious to see what happens.  I’m not following the Warrior Diet to the T but I’m adapting the general ideas.

New Workout

I’m on a quest to deadlift 500 lbs. at some point in the next few months.  I also want to be fully prepared to ski and I want to keep some portion of a running base in place for more spring running.  I’m doing a 4-week block.  I’ll build in intensity for three weeks then back off the fourth week.  I’ll lift three days and probably run twice.  Sprint work on the track will be my main running workout.  One day of skiing may replace a run day or lifting.  It should look something like this:

  • Day 1: 3 working sets of 3-6 reps; add weight each week
    • barbell clean & jerkbarbell high pulls
    • barbell deadlift or kettlebell swings
    • Romanian deadlift
    • one-arm dumbbell row
  • Day 2: mid-distance run or rest
  • Day 3: Sprints in the morning then lift later in the day
    • Sprints: I’ll start with 1x800m, 2x400m, 2x200m, 4x100m
    • Lifting: 4 working sets of 3-6 reps; add weight once I complete 4×6 sets; execute lifts in different order each workout
      • bench press
      • back squat
      • pull-ups
      • hanging knee ups
  • Day 4: off
  • Day 5: 5-8 working sets or 1-3 reps
    • Deadlift HEAVY: I’ll work up to heavy single sets using 90% or more of my max
    • Hanging knee ups

I may need to play around with the sprint day.  I want to be fresh and soreness free for sprints.  I won’t run them all out.  I’ll treat the sprints like my lifts in that I won’t max out every workout but I’ll still work at a high intensity.

Other Info

Post-workout nutrition will be vital.  I’ll drink a big protein drink made with organic whole milk and I’ll probably eat an orange or banana.  We’ll see what happens.  I’m also using creatine daily.  Z-Health joint mobility and nerve glides are indispensable daily tools for feeling and moving my best.  My old running injuries are 99% gone.  Finally, I’ve been making use of my health club’s hot tub after workouts and I’m loving it!