What is Z-Health?


The big question that I and just about every other Z-Health practitioner must answer is “What is Z-Health?”  It takes more than one or two sentences to explain this system that I’m involved with.  Key points that I mention in my explanation are:

  1. Z-Health is a performance system designed to take someone from an injured, painful, or inhibited state to the highest level of performance he or she wants to achieve.
  2. The nervous system is in charge.  Neither the muscles nor the bones nor the joints make decisions.  The nervous system decides whether or not you’re in pain.  The nervous system decides whether or not your muscles are tight.  Your nervous system dictates how fast, strong or agile you are.
  3. The aim of Z-Health is better movement.  Period.  If you want to lose weight, you need to move better so you can exercise vigorously.  Chronic pain is often a result of poor movement patterns.  The solution?  Move better.  If you’re an athlete and you want to perform better–then you need to move better.

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