Why Exercise?


Call it whatever you want: “Exercise,” working-out,” “lifting weights,” “pumping iron” (Does anyone actually use that term without laughing?), “training” — use whatever term you want. It’s difficult and uncomfortable. It takes time and money. You get sweaty, maybe dirty, maybe even injured. Your hands grow callouses and you’re sore the next day. You must do it over and over and over to get anything out of it. Sounds like an irrational pursuit to me. Why in the hell do you do it?!

Why do you exercise?  I mean beyond looks or a health number like weight, blood pressure or glucose count, why do you sweat and pick up heavy things?  (My guess is most of you aren’t being paid to win races, tennis matches, softball games, bodybuilding contests and/or powerlifting meets.)  

What are you truly looking for by way of sweat and toil? How do you want to feel as a result of exercise? Do you want to feel accomplished, confident, sexy, or that you can do anything in life you want to do?  If you want to look a certain way then why? Are you motivated from something inside yourself or are you responding to messages (real or perceived) from outside and from other people?  

2 thoughts on “Why Exercise?

  1. Exercise is so important to me! Sure it takes a lot of motivation but the body needs to be worked! I love exercise and I am more on the intense side when it comes to working out! Working out only has benefits! It is important to do it right and not over-work the body because that is when injuries occur. The most important thing about exercise I think is to switch it up. Doing a variety of work outs and exercises works different muscle groups and helps prevent injury! For instance, I play club lacrosse and intramural soccer. It is important to play more than one sport so the body isn’t in the same stress. On the other hand, exercise helps improve so much for the body. Strengthening joints and muscles is important in aging. For instance, my step-brother was about 13 and was at least 100 pounds overweight. He had many knee problems trying to support that weight. Since he’s now 15 and has exercised regularly, he has little to no health problems! Exercising is a tremendous good for the body and can help relieve aches and pains. It is important to get all of your friends and family involved so working out doesn’t seem like a dreadful thing! Stay fit!

    • admin

      Thanks for your input. You seem super-dedicated to fitness and health. I’m very happy to hear about your step-brother and his improved health as well.

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