3/23/14 Workout


I had another good workout today. My mobility continues to increase while my discomfort is on the decline. Here’s what I did:

    • Exercise bike: 5 minutes for about 1 mile at a 1 resistance.
      • Difficult to get started but feels better as I pedal.
      • Going to do this tomorrow morning for more time/distance.
    • Warm-up super set:
        • body weight squats to about 90 degrees x 10 reps x 2 sets
        • anti-rotation cable press (aka Pallof Press): 10 lbs x 10 reps w/5 sec hold x 2 sets

      • The Pallof press is my first attempt at challenging my transverse plane abilities since I tore my ACL. My ability to resist rotational forces is severely compromised without an ACL. Glad to see I could do this successfully.
    • Super set 1
      • Barbell press
        • Worked up to a 1RM of 135 lbs.
        • Did 95% (about 125) x 2 reps x 5 sets in a super set with
      • Split squats with the right leg fwd: 10 reps x 5 sets and pistol squats to a bench for the left leg x 6 reps x 5 sets
    • Super set 2
      • Deadlift: (My favorite exercise!) 95 x 5 – 105 x 5 – 135 x 5
        • Really happy to pull!
        • Tried a sumo deadlift with an unweighted bar and the knee wanted to collapse in. Won’t be doing sumos for a long while I’m guessing.
      • Bent Row: 95 x 10 – 105 x 10 – 135 x 6
    • Super set 3
      • Kettlebell 1-arm press: 16 kg x 10 reps x 2 sets
      • 1-leg RDL – right leg: no weight x 10 reps x 2 sets: Here’s a look at the 1-leg RDL:

I believe all this work I’m doing is helping me a lot. Psychologically I feel much better than I would if I were sitting around with this thing. Much of what I’m reading discusses the benefits of continuing to move and maintaining any and all strength and mobility. That’s what I’m doing.

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