3/25/14 Workout


The big news today is that I got out on the real bike, wheels and all. I wasn’t sure how the knee would feel clipping in and out of the pedals but all is well. I also lifted today. Here’s how it went.

  • Rower (first time on a rower since the knee): 1000m
  • Warm-up circuit x 3

    • Band walk
    • Halos in 1/2 kneeling position: 40 lbs. x 3 each direction; What’s a halo? Watch and learn.

    • variations on the anti-rotation cable press
    • Barbell press: 80 lbs. x 5 – 95 lbs. x 5 – 105 lbs. x 8
    • Good morning (video below): 105 lbs. x 15 – 115 lbs. x 15 – 135 lbs. x 12

  • Super-set x 3
    • 1-leg bench hip thrust x 10 each leg
    • hanging knee-ups x 10 each leg
  • Next week I’ll add reps (not weight) to the hip thrust, knee-ups and I’ll see if I can get 15 reps w/135 lbs. on the good morning.
  • Bike ride: 14 miles, about 1 hr.: VERY happy to be outdoors. Biking indoors is a slow death.

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