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This will be brief.  I’m enormously excited over the results I’ve been getting from my Z-Health work.  My back pain, Achilles pain and shoulder pain have all improved quite dramatically over the past few weeks.  (I also added 70 lbs. to my deadlift in one fell swoop!)  Yesterday it was my wife’s chance to be surprised by Z-Health.

My wife is a triathlete who’s had intermittent big toe pain in her left foot over the past several months.  It comes and goes and it never had a clear-cut cause.  Yesterday, after visiting with Jason Wood in Lakewood, CO I went home and had my wife go through some Z-Health R-Phase drills.  One of the Z-Health concepts deals with opposing joints.  That means since my wife’s toe pain was in her left foot, I had her go through drills with her right hand and thumb.    The result?  No toe pain whatsoever!  As she gaped in bewilderment, she drove her foot into the ground and wiggled her foot all over and she could not replicate the pain.  The toe pain returned this morning during a dog walk, she went through the drills again for a few moments and again the pain was gone.  (As an aside, the toe pain comes on most notably in a pair of hiking boots.  Perhaps the shoe is interfering with the natural function of her foot, as I’ve discussed here.)  Pretty cool stuff this Z-Health.

I’ll be taking the R-Phase certification in March and April of this year and I’m extremely excited.  I’ve just barely begun to scratch the surface with this exercise protocol and I expect to see more and more dramatic results.  If you’re a fellow personal trainer, a chiropractor, physical therapist or anyone else involved in the health & fitness  business, I highly suggest you look into Z-Health for everything from injury treatment to increasing sports performance.  If you’re an athlete or just an everyday fitness fan who’s either in pain or not performing as well as you’d like, you would do well to seek out a Z-Health trainer for help and advice.

2 thoughts on “Z-Health for Toe Pain

  1. Good stuff man! I have done this myself on an Olympic marathon athlete with similar results. Thumb work allowed her to roll up on her big toe pain free for the first time in 1.5 years.
    Rock on
    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

    • Kyle

      I remember reading that on your blog and I was totally thinking of your experience as the thumb work = to pain relief. This stuff is FAR OUT! Thanks for your help Mike.

      I was working with a client today who had neck pain. We went through some wrist and hand drills and we did camshafts. I had him check his neck and he almost got spooked. He said, “It’s gone! What did you do to me???” I can’t wait for the R-Phase class!

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